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Become part of the thrilling catering and offshore maintenance crew at Jonesyroe, Inc. We are an offshore catering company in New Iberia, Louisiana, that offers services for oil rigs and sea vessels, and we hold a high standard for safety and professionalism. However, with these responsibilities comes a rewarding experience that is unmatched by any other job.


Now Offering

Currently, we are looking for hardworking people to become part of our talented crew. All applicants must have a merchant marine with a Z card (merchant marina), have a government-operated card for offshore qualifications, and be 25 years or older. Alternatively, we are also looking for college interns and individuals with hotel or restaurant management backgrounds, a degree in culinary arts, or oilfield training experience. Our company also caters to celebrities and socialites, so you must be able to maintain a professional work ethic on job sites.

These are the Employees being Offered

• Captains
• Welders
• Camp Bosses
• Scalping Hands
• Cooks
• Stewards
• Roustabouts

• Coil Tubing Hands
• Mates
• Utility Hands
• Tool Pushers
• Able-Body Seamen
• Drillers
• Deck Hands

• Engineer's Mates
• Well Service 
   Production Hands
• Safety Foremen
• Nutritionists
• Crane Operators