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Safety First

At Jonesyroe, Inc., our mission is to prevent accidents, respect the environment, and promote safe, healthful working conditions at all of our work locations. We provide our clients with employees who offer efficient services without accidents. Each of our employees is well-informed, proficient, and works in a positive manner to create a safe working environment.


Employee Commitment

Each employee makes safety his or her foremost consideration for the client's needs. Each employee is committed to carry out his or her job description in a safe manner. When it comes down to it, it's all about choice. Employees will either make it or break it on the job, but they all must choose to be safe every day. Each employee must learn to think independently and safely. Every employee should be obliged to accept the responsibility that working safe is a condition of employment. We try our fullest and utmost to prevent sickness, injury, and accidents through awareness and by following the company-established safe work rules and practices. Our work cannot be completed or successful unless we take the time to do it safely.

Well-Regulated Services

Jonesyroe, Inc. and its employees have the responsibility to comply with all federal, state, and local government regulations related to safety, the health of the environment, and the welfare of all other employees and customers. A truly effective program extends beyond the work environment and originates from within based on sound individual principles and values.