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Safe & Convenient Offshore Food & Maintenance Services

Maintain a happy, healthy working environment with Jonesyroe, Inc., your source for offshore catering and staffing services in New Iberia, Louisiana. Backed by more than 15 years of experience in this industry, we provide maintenance workers and prepare meals on-site for the crews of oil rigs and sea vessels. All of our services are available by contract and customized to meet your unique needs.

Taking Care of All Your Dining Needs

Ensure your working staff members are able to enjoy a meal that is every bit as good as if they were at home. We work with land-based food companies, such as Cisco™, and ship the food directly to your rig for our cooks to prepare. All catering is done in the galley or dining area. We handle everything from preparation to cleaning up, allowing your crew to get back to their duties with one less thing to worry about.

Going Above & Beyond

Count on our staff to handle every detail so that your crew gets a memorable experience to raise their morale. We are available around the clock and offer offshore food services four times a day. In addition, our staff makes beds, works on the deck, and performs many other duties.