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What drives us at Jonesyroe, Inc. to succeed is our self-acknowledgement and drive to provide the best possible services available. We love our business, our employees, and our customers. Safety is a prime factor that must be taken seriously. It is a fundamental part of all of our policies, practices, and procedures. The driving force of our New Iberia, Louisiana-based company comes from our leader, who implements our high level of excellence in everything we offer.

Julien Jones


Need an agent to represent you? How about a fashion coordinator, personal party planner, personal assistant, public speaker, celebrity socialite, celebrity cook, and celebrity travel agent? The founder and owner of our company, Julien Jones, is a graduate from Kentwood High School and attended Grambling State University, pursuing a major in computer science and minor in political science (pre-law studies). On top of that, she also attended Randy Smith Drilling Schools. There, Julien completed classes in well control servicing, stuck pipe prevention, snubbing, and well control structure.

Julien Jones

Julien attended Delgado College with 10 years of continuous education, which was required to have certification for providing offshore oil field services. At the age of 19, Julien Jones became an executive officer in the engineering department of Sony™ professional products in Boca Raton, Florida. There, she worked on material handling, which included shipping and receiving. Becoming even more motivated, Julien earned a second job as a night inspector at Senormatic Electronics, where she checked the assembly line and inspected IC magnets for parts for the security sensors. Continuing a successful journey through the job market at a young age, Julien served as a night manager at Office Depot™ over shipping and receiving, keying in all store products that arrived at night. The executive job position does not end there, however. She also served as regional district manager in training for three months for the Wendy's™ corporation.

Commendation letters about Julien Jones' performance on the job have made this CEO/president one of the most recognized individuals in the Gulf of Mexico and beyond. The owner has worked for several oil companies through the years. Some of the positions Julien has held include geologist/observer, supervisor, and chef on many oil and gas platforms, drilling rigs, pipe liners, tankers, floaters, barges, seismic seismograph ships, and jack up boats. Often taking on special job assignments, Julien has served as cabin personal assistant on the Castro Otto ship for a catering company. Julien also served on the committee for the first newsletter in the Gulf of Mexico for Shell™ oil and gas, which was done on a floater bill shoemaker. The owner is also in training and currently dealing with the menu, nutrition, daily organization and food preparation for Lee Sar (Culinary Solutions) as a menu specialist. Also working as an assembly of CPR boxes, shipping and receiving at Medique (Ft. Myers, FL).